Shane Kersh-Is DeSean Jackson a Racist?

Stephen A Smith supports DeSean Jackson 

Published July 8, 2020 by Shane Kersh

What's Happening Now?

The racial divide in this country continues to grow.  We now have clear cut lines and double standards for what can be considered what is acceptable and what is not.  For example, it apparently is not acceptable for Drew Brees to state that he believes it is disrespectful to kneel for the National Anthem; however, it is acceptable for DeSean Watson to denigrate Jewish people and quote Hitler.

How twisted is the logic that Drew Brees had to apologize for standing on his idea of patriotism and Watson was merely misunderstood?  Listen to how Stephen A Smith spins the truth and logic behind Watson's comments.  According to Smith, Watson is really the victim here.  In fact, Smith says that it is the Philadelphia Eagles who are the real bad guys.

I have to say, I'm sick of all this non-sense.  I'm sick of the double standards. I'm sick of people being charged with a crime for protecting themselves.  I'm sick of law enforcement refusing to prosecute the looters and vandals claiming to be protesters.

And I'm sick of suppression of liberty and free speech.  Guess what?  I think it is  a disgrace to kneel for our National Anthem and I think it is a disgrace that people like DeSean Watson and Colin Kaepernick hoisted upon high as some sort of modern day saviors.  If Shane Kersh or any white male) would have said the things that Watson posted, we would be vilified and our careers and future destroyed (and maybe rightfully so), however, since it is a black man that spewed these awful and hateful words, he gets a pass because he is really the victim in all of this.  

That my friends is called horseshit.  

Published July 8, 2020 by Shane Kersh


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