Antifa Gets a Hot Foot

People in Oregon Actually Believe These Idiots were Sent by Trump...

Published 9/9/2020 by Shane Kersh

I shit you not.  I've had conversations with people that actually believe these idiots (Antifa and BLM) tearing up cities in Oregon were Trump supporters.  How is this even possible?  How can anyone think these far left terrorist were sent by or have any affiliation to Trump?  

I'll tell you how-fake news and denial.  

The fake news media is doing anything and everything they can to divert away from the violence and terrorism being put on display by the liberal left.  At first, the news was reporting these "protest' as a call to arms and a people movement.  But now, after all the looting, murders and assaults, that's simply no longer fashionable.  Even Don Lemon, came out and said the riots have to stop because it's hurting the liberal socialist in the polls.

Of course it is.  The American People are sick and tired of having their lives and property destroyed by Antifa and BLM.  These aren't peaceful groups.  They are terrorist in every sense of the word.

And guess what?  They ARE NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS.  Come on people....

Published 9/9/2020 by Shane Kersh

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