A New Independence Day-Stop Antifa

Published July 1, 2020 by Shane Kersh

Have you ever taken a real look at the people calling themselves Antifa? Or what about the people that are proudly pulling down statues or vandalizing property? I do not mean watching the riots and protest on the news or YouTube, but taking a real hard look at the actual people?

Most, if not all these people are burnouts, losers, malcontents, criminals, and anarchist.I mean, these people have no self-respect.I mean you can spot one of these idiots a mile away.These are people that live on the fringe of society.They are mere living organisms that have not contributed one thing to society.Many of them look as though they are experiencing withdrawal sickness and need a quick fix of heroin.

Really, what the fuck has any of these outcasts done for the betterment of our country? Most of them are too freaking stupid to even know what they are protesting.How stupid can you be to say you are protesting slavery, yet you destroy monuments of the very people who fought so hard to abolish slavery? Why, you ask? Because Antifa, and the masses of the unwashed who make up its ranks could care less about actual slavery, or civil rights and only care about creating anarchy and the destruction of our society.

Antifa is using a manufactured social cause to justify the crimes it has committed.In the name of racial inequality, Antifa and others like them have caused unprecedented harm to the black community.

People better wake up.Our country is under siege by a very vocal minority whose only goal is to destroy the fabric of our culture, country, and way of life.The liberal left (socialist) are thrilled about this civil disobedience because like Mussolini's Black Shirts and Hitler's Brown Shirts, Antifa is set on destroying any opposition to their movement of destruction.You do not believe that?Then speak out against Antifa or BLM and see how you are treated.

It is no longer enough to not be racist.Now you must conform to the ideology and dogma of the far left or you will be ostracized and labeled a bigot.No longer can we as American's have our own viewpoint or perspective.We must conform to the alt-left or be eliminated.

It is time to take this country back.It is time to take a stand and say enough. We must stop Antifa and its supporters before it is too late.Just take a good hard look at these people and ask yourself if these are the people you want in charge of this country.It should not be a hard question to answer.

Published July 1, 2020 by Shane Kersh

Shane Kersh is a husband, father, grandfather, lawyer and someone who has his own opinion.  If you don't like them, you are free to have an intelligent conversation with me about those opinions.  If you not, you can fuck off because I really don't give a shit about your feelings.  

Antifa-The Great Unwashed

And this is the saviors of oppressed.  Really?

Antifa or Insane Asylum?

Sure, these idiots know more about liberty than our Founding Fathers.

The New World Order

This is what our country would look like if we don't take a stand?  

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