Grand Master Jay is a Fraud and a Clown

Wanna Be Grand Master Jay is a Clown and Fraud

Published August 3, 2020 by Shane Kersh

Many of you have heard from the idiot known as Grand Master Jay.  You know, the clown who said he was the leader of the military arm of Black Lives Matter.  And of course he's the mouth breather that demanded the Federal Government turn over the state of Texas to BLM.

But I want you to listen to this so-called "military trained" soldier as he tries to explain away the self inflicted gunshot wounds his "militia" had this past weekend.  I mean this moron is so full of shit.  He doesn't even know the basic design or function of the weapon he is using for demonstration.

First, this is not an XR-15.  It is an AR-15 design.  It has both an upper and lower receiver unit and is a gas operated bolt design. But wait it gets better.

He then says that this is a bull-pup design.  Ah, no it's not idiot.  Not even close.  A "bullpup" is a type of firearm with its action and trigger behind the trigger group. This setup reduces overall length and weight substantially while not sacrificing barrel length and velocity.  Additionally, the magazine is located behind the trigger mechanism.  

Even a novice can tell the difference between the two styles of rifles as they are not even remotely similar.  

Next, the Grand Master says that it is a bull-pup because of the amount of recoil.  "It will put you on your ass".  Remember that this is an AR-15 with a 5.56 round.  If this clown would have ever actually fired that rifle, which he obviously hasn't, he would know that the recoil is minimal because the AR-15 has a recoil reduction spring in the stock of the weapon.  

But it gets even better, just wait.  Rambo, then says that the weapon fires when the stock is struck.  NO IDIOT...IT DOESN'T FIRE.  The weapon is designed to have the bolt carrier move forward by design.  It does not fire the round, it simply moves forward to chamber a round.

Obviously, this ass clown is a fraud and an embarrassment to himself and those around him.  He couldn't be anymore clueless on the subject of weapons or their use.  He is going to get someone killed if they continue to listen to this ass hat.  If this is the best BLM has, they may want to rethink their strategy.

Published August 3, 2020 by Shane Kersh

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