Shane Kersh's Critique of "Sweeny Swat"

 Shane Kersh's Critique of "Sweeny Swat"

Published April 12, 2020 by Shane Kersh

Here is a great video made by some local boys, one of which happens to be my son.  I have to day that I found it funny and really well done.  

The fact that is is a satire of the real Sweeny Police Department makes it even more hilarious, because let's face it, this is closer to how a real police department functions than we are willing to admit.

I love the fact that crew used distinct angles using drones and handheld video cameras.  I think the cutaways and fade in shots are really well done.  It's also important to note that when the one character was struck over the head with a real bottle, he sustained a cut on his ear.  You will notice a band aid on his ear in the very next scene.  Nothing like taking one for the team.

I also really enjoyed the script and the dialogue.  For a few 20-somethings, these guys put a lot of work into their characters and performances.  

I'm looking forward to the next installment of "Sweey Swat" as I'm anxious to see if officer Koch really did shoot his partner.

Until next time...Take care

Shane Kersh

Published April 12, 2020 by Shane Kersh


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