Teenage Hero Defends Himself from Terrorist Antifa

Teenage Hero Defends Himself from Terrorist Antifa

Published 9/1/2020 By Shane Kersh

To say that the title to the posted YouTube video is misleading is an understatement.  The content of the video is perfectly clear.  

Kyle Rittenhouse, from Antioch, Ill did not fire into a crowd.  He fired into three terrorist who attempted to kill him.  Rittenhouse, a teenager from Illinois was chased and assaulted by the terrorist group Antifa.  In response, the young hero defended himself by shooting the three convicted felons, wounding one and killing two.

Kyle was assaulted with a skateboard and a man carrying a gun.  So let's put this into actual context.  Members of a terrorist organization seemingly attack this young man and he defends himself.  Now the media ( I use that word loosely) call the attackers the victims and the patriot a murderer.  

This is how far we've spiraled as a society.  Antifa and BLM are out there looting and murdering on a daily basis, but it is this young man that is being labeled a criminal.  

We don't need less Kyle Rittenhouse's we need more of them.  We need more patriots to stand up and defend this country from BLM and Antifa.  Let's hope and pray that justice is served and this young man is exonerated of all these bullshit charges.

Published 9/1/2020 by Shane Kersh

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