Bubba Wallace and the NASCAR Noose

Published June 24, 2020 by Shane Kersh

So how far is too far?  First we have Bubba Wallace crying "hate crime" because of an alleged noose that was placed in his NASCAR garage.  Next, we have the FBI saying that is wasn't a hate crime at all.  In fact, what Wallace claimed was a noose was actually a garage door pull-down that has been used for years.

But since people today can't seem to let a good (even if its manufactured) news story die, or God forbid to actually tell the truth, Wallace goes on MSNBC and cries foul yet again.  Wallace seems to have doubled down on the "it was a noose" fraud.  Bubba, let me explain something to you-Jussie Smollett has already done this.  You remember when he lied and said he was assaulted by two white men, when in actuality he hired two black men to beat him.

It didn't work then and it isn't going to work now.  It wasn't a hate crime.  It wasn't a noose.  It wasn't intended for you.  It was a freaking pull-down, and you know it was.  

Bubba Wallace is a disgrace.  He knew full well what he was doing.  He knew full well that he was lying and perpetrating a fraud.  How do I know this?  Because he continues to perpetrate the same fraud and lies even after it has been proven that there is no noose.  And let's not get caught up in semantics.  Just because a cord has a knot with a round opening doesn't make it a noose.  A noose, by definition," is a loop with a running knot, tightening as the rope or wire is pulled and typically used to hang people or trap animals."  This cord was made so that a pole with a hook could be used to grab the cord to close the door.  I know this because I myself have 14' barn doors with the same type of device. 

And what the hell NASCAR?  Could you have at least looked into this bogus bullshit before you decided to bow down to the entire world.  NASCAR is equally to blame.  They could have defended the other drivers and crews by simply stating what the FBI said. This is not a noose.  It's standard equipment in all of our garages.  But no...Let's not do that.  Let's show a picture of a bunch of white guys pushing Wallace's car.  What cowards... 

Bubba Wallace is a liar and a race baiter.  How about Bubba Wallace just comes clean and admits he lied in an attempt to throw fuel on this current racial fire.  

Published June 24, 2020 by Shane Kersh  

Bubba Wallace

I'm going to fabricate a hate crime so that everyone will look at me.

Bubba Wallace

It's not a noose Bubba...and you knew it wasn't.  

Jussie Smollet

How many lies and frauds does it take?

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